RR: Seungyeon & Pikachu, Chaekyung bullied, Sulli trolls, Minami’s dildos, Crayon Pop

꺄…. 심쿵…….아 행복해 감사합니다

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Seungyeon stumbled upon a Pikachu convention or something.

애교를 글로 배웠어요 #잘못먹은거없습니다 헤헤♡

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Chaekyung being bullied for her aegyo by Sohee and Han Hyeri.

God Of Music‘ is taking the fuck over.

나 이 립색깔 넘 조흠 #에스티로더

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I wasn’t going to include this from Sulli, but apparently it upset netizens, which makes her a hero.


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If Sulli wants to truly take the next step, she should hang with Minami and her dildo collection.

Oh yeah, Cheng Xiao won something.


? #엘린 #ellin

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Ellin is at it again. Her sexy image desires cannot be contained.

?♪ #Shanghai #MercedesBenzArena #2016_T_ara_Concert_GreatTourFinal

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Speaking of sexy, there’s Hyomin.


In a surprising entry, EXY is all seductive and hot and step-on-my-throat-and-spit-on-my-face sexy as well.



Do not resist the Soyul visuals, let them flow throughout your veins.

#myflower ? #레인보우 #현영 #조현영 #chuu #rainbow #hyunyoung

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Hyunyoung with a nice dress. Yup, only see the dress.


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Sojin is like 50 now, and she’s still hot anyway.


우리 복태는 뽀뽀도 안해주는데 넌 어쩜 뽀뽀도 잘하니 ???

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Gummi makes me wish I was a dog.

해피추 메리추 즐추 ❤️ 츄석잘보내유~?

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Ahn Soo Min is so weird, but also cute in that weird way.


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