RR: TWICE’s balloon fail, Jisook the super otaku, BiPA & Shinozaki Ai being attractive

For their sake, I hope TWICE failing to grab a balloon at a fanmeeting was done on purpose to be cute, because if not this is amusingly terrible.

우오어어어어어어ㅓ? . #지숙 #Jisook

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Find yourself a significant other that looks at you the way super otaku Jisook looks at Gundam models.




나도 탈출했다. #가아니고실패#방탈출카페#스릴만점

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ChoA posing in front of what she has planned for cities around the world.





BiPA needs to get famous like yesterday.

Good fucking gracious.

オフショット? #MenClub #HongKong

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Shinozaki Ai is already famous, thank god.

外は雨☂️だけど、運動して気分上げてくぞぃ⤴︎ #excise #workout #rainydays #tokyo

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ICONIQ … boobs, amirite?


#노블레스맨 #Noblessmen ?

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Hyosung lost half of her face but it’s still fine.


EXY‘s birthday came and went, but most importantly she continues to carry the dual image of being a cute idol and also somebody who I want to choke me to death quite well.


Thot Leader™