Jia solidifies a bold new image with “Drip” MV, but disappoints musically


Former miss A member Jia has returned home and made her official Chinese debut with the super sexually-charged title track, “Drip.” I’m not sure what I was expecting from Jia, besides something that focused on her dance skills, but this was certainly a surprise for me.

What is it about returning to the motherland that seems to inspire these idols to find their inner gangster?

Anyway, wow. The chorus lyrics are certainly bold. If the rest of the lyrics are anything like the English ones, then Jia’s definitely making a strong statement that completely severs whatever image she previously had within Korea.

Unfortunately for her, the confident declaration of making all the boys dripping wet could not save this track. It feels really outdated and sort of lame. Which is particularly sad and probably the last thing you want for a song that’s supposed to be so sexually charged. The instrumental is painfully uninteresting, and tracks like this typically rely on infectious instrumentals to carry. The verses and pre-chorus, where they do the most they can with her vocal capabilities, are not even catchy or fun. There’s really nothing to latch onto other than her repetition of the catch phrase in the chorus, but then it’s ruined by the incessant beeping in the background that is overwhelmingly annoying.

It’s just bad all around from start to finish. Which, for how cool, sexy, and confident she looks in the music video, is a real shame.


This is easily the best Jia’s ever looked, in my opinion, rivaling miss A’s “Hush” era.


I really liked the Ciara-like aesthetics, and thought she pulled it off quite well. The focus on her performance was smart, too. I think they could’ve given her more difficult choreography, as that’s her strength, but I guess the fact that she didn’t look terribly awkward while booty popping makes up for it. We can’t have it all, I guess.


So while Jia’s debut song sucks, at the very least she looks incredible and I think they nailed down a solid image direction for her that makes it clear this is a new era in her career.

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