RR: T.O.P being T.O.P, Jiyeon stans TWICE, NS Yoon G, ICONIQ, Chae Yeon, EXY, SinB

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Let’s check in on T.O.P and … yup.

Jiyeon of T-ara stans TWICE and made her van stop so she could stan them to their faces.

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Stan Lee Soo Min, comedic genius.


Sana‘s fancam provides wonderful science.

스케줄 다 끝나서야 붓기 빠지기 있기 없기 ??#적당히먹자

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Gummi with the succ.



Worried that NS Yoon G was gonna stop? Don’t worry.


Blessed to have found ICONIQ‘s Instagram.


Chae Yeon is like 70 and she still looks so fucking hot, what the fuck?

Selfie ✨

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Yenny is in California.

사진작가는 준매 님ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

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EXY is attractive, everybody else has no taste.


#여자친구 #GFRIEND #신비 #눕방라이브 ???

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SinB is worthwhile even when not making the sourest of faces.

#우주사랑 #우주만큼사랑해❤️ #감기조심 #사랑하는우리우주 #레옹열매도사랑해

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Youngji is alive and she seems to be doing fine at least.

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My wife Jina had her birthday, man.


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