RR: Jay Park is a role model, Nicole’s fail, Hyomin’s bouncy balls, and so much hot

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ????????#aomg #hefollowsthemovement

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These kids got their Jay Park impersonation game on point.

Role model.

Nicole managed to fail in attacking an inanimate object.

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Hyomin recorded a bunch of dudes in bouncy suits that could only remind me of bouncing on enlarged testicles.

100% accurate.


촬영장? 오늘 스타일 넘나 맘에들구여?, 오랜만에 만난 #코스모폴리탄. 1월호에서 만나용!

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Shim Euddeum looking impossibly hot during a workout. Or something. Who cares?


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Jimin looking … hot as fuck?

Hyunyoung and her boobs are keeping busy.

Kojima Haruna. Christ.


Momo looking flaw free.

Whatever Subin did with her hair, it’s working.


오랜만에 입는 드레스?? #청룡영화제

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Kang Hanna has dimples and is so cute.

아이코 눈에서 ?가 ..? #우주스타그램 #우주소녀 #엑시

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People who think EXY‘s not attractive can choke.

성소 인스타그램 왔어요~~~~?

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Cheng Xiao has an Instagram, by the way.


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