Kim Yoo Jung hospitalized again, which somehow pissed off netizens even more

17-year-old actress Kim Yoo Jung, who has been involved in one of the dumbest witch hunts in the history of witch hunts, was hospitalized again recently due to a stress-induced shock. This comes less than a week after she was rushed to the emergency room due to exhaustion.

When I saw that she was hospitalized yet again, I figured they’d finally let this actress be. I don’t know how I could be so naive as to expect nothing but the lowest from netizens who do nothing but bitch and moan about the littlest stuff and can literally take one thread of yarn and knit a whole sweater of controversy out of it. Apparently her being hospitalized wasn’t enough for them and some are bashing her even for that.

8. [+126, -21] I really think she’s just throwing a fit because she doesn’t want to apologize. Is it so hard to just say sorry? Her initial apology wasn’t even by her, it was by her agency. Her career is based off of her image, why is it so hard to at least act like she’s sorry? I bet even her agency was the one that decided to hospitalize her…

14. [+96, -20] I honestly think Kim Yoo Jung is putting on a show and saying she’s hospitalized to screw netizens over and make them feel guilty over her being sick ㅋ

16. [+79, -13] Why go to such lengths to avoid it… just say you’ll reflect and get it over with. All of this is just making the scandal grow bigger and bigger ㅋㅋ

And that’s just some of the shitshow that’s been going on.

This is despite the fact that her co-star Bang Joong Hyun has defended her and co-star Cha Tae Hyun explained that she has an allergy to antibiotics.

“Yesterday, Yoo Jung got sick again. I want you all to give her a lot of strength. Please cheer her on,” he began, before explaining that her strange condition at a recent preview screening was exacerbated by an allergy to antibiotics. “If she has a cold, she can’t take medicine and has to suffer until her condition improves,” he continued on. “When I look at her, it is like looking at one of my children, so I am really heartbroken.”


Of course there’s definitely nothing stressful over having your career getting threatened and receiving mass amounts of hate because you “looked distracted” at the “wrong moment.” Sure, you think her company is making her get hospitalized so that you feel bad about cyber-bullying her isn’t projection of your own guilt. Sure, stress is nothing you can get hospitalized over and have your health jeopardized by. Sure, keep acting as if you could set through such foolery at fucking 17 and come out unscathed. Sure. The netizens should just keep lying to themselves, that’s something they’ve always been great at.

All I hope for is that Kim Yoo Jung can heal from this. It’s honestly all so ridiculous.

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