Random Roundup: Hani & Hyerin show, SinB gets caught, Somin makes a mistake

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I regret to inform you that Hani and Hyerin are at it again.

We have been blessed with another SinB stinkface.

세상진지?이런 모습 처음이야…[email protected]_ @bigmatthewww

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Somin makes the grave mistake of letting BM and J.Seph do her hair.

Nicole and Seohyun reunite.


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Ga-In … we’ve all been there.


I study Seulgi because I care a lot about fitness, you see.

ガブついたんぞ!笑 日本でこんな格好してレストラン行ったら捕まるな!笑 #hamburger #hawaii #sunshine

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#sand !!?

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ななむー日に日に焦げつつある?笑 #hawaii #sunshine

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Tanimura Nana is a woman with boobs who is attractive.

오늘은 #상체운동 #어깨운동 #헬스 #전투헬스 #운동스타그램 #workout #내일팔쓰긴글렀군 #삼성동 #매력짐

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I’m paying close attention to Hyunyoung so I can use correct form in the gym.


6주년이 얼마남지 않았구나 보고싶다보고싶다보고싶다

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Whatever Subin did to her hair is working because since then she’s been looking amazing.

??? #Hersheys #chocolate

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Even putting the boobs aside, Shinozaki Ai is hot.



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I just want to know where I can get this job from Kyungri.

Damn, Jina.


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