TWICE absolutely ‘nanana na knock’ it out of the park with “Knock Knock”

I’m sorry for the title. I’m trying to delete it.

Anyway, TWICE are back with “Knock Knock” as they try to continue their run of releases that have left them at National Girl Group-level popularity. Once you get to those heights, there’s often little else to go except down, but TWICE deserve to retain their title with this release.

It’s definitely still the poppiest of pop songs, but the electronic and rock influences assist in making the rather simple instrumental still catchy and effective with its thumping beat. The repeating sections make the verses themselves standout, and the structuring that includes vocal peaks and valleys also help make the verses more melodic than I would’ve expected from TWICE.

In the end, though, as with all TWICE singles thus far, it largely comes down to whether the hook works for you or not. It definitely worked for me, and I immediately loved what was a catchy earworm of a chorus that only grows on you over time. The slow down as the chorus starts really helps emphasize everything what’s to come, and the vocal climb before the hook was designed perfectly. Of course, the “nanana na knock on my door” section is likely what’s going to become embedded into your brain, and rightfully so.

Still there was work left to do. The bridge does still serve an important purpose in these types of songs, tasked with interrupting what could become repetitive with something different but still appealing. It’s probably the weakest part of this effort, but it does the job of breaking up any potential monotony setting in. Fortunately, “Knock Knock” ends up closing strong with peak of volume as well as some vocal bells and whistles and the instrumental picking up any slack.

TWICE retain their go-to bubblegum pop sound, the upbeat tempo, and the simple yet effective song structure on “Knock Knock”. Given the results so far, it’s hard to see why they would go away from that formula. Repetition is another theme of TWICE songs, and it’s arguably used at its most effective in the hook here, creating what I see as an addictive gem with amazing replay value.


The stop motion at the beginning was cool to see from a pop group since that shit is usually associated with some indie groups trying to be artistic, and it generally set the tone for the concept of this music video … TWICE being attractive women in a variety of outfits.

The visuals, of course were on point, but it was also quite fun as well.

In particular, TWICE bullying in each other in a pillow fight, including known attitude problem-haver Nayeon drilling Momo in the back of the head…

…and isolating Tzuyu to the point where she gave her “bitches be lucky I can’t leave for China” look…

…and Dahyun just being completely done with this shit.

Meanwhile, while everybody was jizzing themselves over whether the person knocking at the door would be Somi, instead we got…

…you son of a bitch.

Well said.

The music video was nice to look at and just fun apart from the visuals, so rather perfect for this type of release.


TWICE have been met with unbelievable reception to “Ooh-Ahh“, “Cheer Up“, and “TT“, but truthfully I only liked “Ooh-Ahh” right away, whereas the other two took time before I enjoyed hearing at least certain segments of it as the hooks generally grew on me. Regardless of my opinion at the time, I did always appreciate how TWICE’s singles throwback a bit to the hook songs that made K-pop global to begin with.

And because no matter how much K-pop has “grown” since those days, there’s always a demand for quality hook songs, which TWICE have proven with their rise and yet again with “Knock Knock.”

All that said, sorry in advance to TWICE stans as this inevitably flops thanks to my support.


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