Girl’s Day make the wait of 1000 years worth it on sexy, brassy “I’ll Be Yours”

Girl’s Day have returned after a five million year hibernation with “I’ll Be Yours“, a brassy and sexy type of effort that hits on a lot of what makes a quality pop effort.

“I’ll Be Yours” appeal is immediately apparent with its brassy sound being established early, reminiscent of everything enjoyable about MAMAMOO‘s earliest works. Thankfully it doesn’t rest on its laurels, which could’ve made it a rather basic sound, opting instead for a harder beat for sections of the chorus to showcase different sides. Girl’s Day also used riffy vocals as an instrument of sorts, supplementing the verses to make them sound more active than they actually were.

All of that was the appetizer for the chorus, which can be rather difficult to predict which way it’ll go in modern K-pop. Girl’s Day thankfully appeared to take the middle ground between extremes, opting to add elements and volume instead of switching it up completely or serving an anti-hook. The background piano and electric guitar were quality touches, and the repetition of “I’ll be yours” is a pragmatic move to guarantee the track has at least one earworm type of moment. Obviously what clearly stood out was Minah‘s vocal wanking at the end, set against a backdrop of silence, serving as a exclamation point for the hook. I’m afraid, however, that we might need a moment of silence for Minah’s vocal cords this promotional cycle.

The line distribution was fair to all the girls, which means it was a questionable decision. Sojin (who still got it despite being 57) should’ve just taken on the brunt of the workload after Minah, because the song definitely falls off in intensity when Hyeri has the mic. Also, did we need the “you betta werk” dudes? I dunno. Thankfully the complaints were minimal, as Minah’s bridge delivers in spades and Yura kept her “rap” verse to fast talking and a deep, seductive voice.

“I’ll Be Yours” isn’t breaking down barriers or anything, but it doesn’t need to. It’s enough that it’s executed very well and has enough diversity in the elements to find the effective middle ground between basic and messy. There was just little fault to find in this effort, something that became clearer on multiple listens, so it’s hard not to recommend the song.


The music video was actually surprisingly … simple? Like for as much money as Girl’s Day have brought in with their individual activities the past two years, DreamT Entertainment couldn’t splurge a bit? Bitch, just give Hyeri another couple commercials and it’s covered, what the fuck? Also, why do we see more of the boxers than we do of Hyeri and Yura? This should be punishable by death, I swear to god.

The saving grace, thankfully, is that the girls themselves look amazing.

They all look amazing, but Sojin in particular is stunning for 573 years old. Don’t fap to her, though.

Strict taskmaster Sojin, huh? Sounds good.

Girl’s Day also kept up with their shitty font brand.

To start and end it. Amazing.

The thing I most want to see is the choreography version, because we barely see any of it, but what we do see is quite intriguing.

Just saying.


As nice as it is to have Girl’s Day back for the first time since Jurassic times, I had my reservations about this comeback due to the level of excitement and the fact that it was hard to know what they would do since a consistent sound was never their thing. Thankfully, “I’ll Be Yours” delivered a well-executed pop hit with good replayability, and it came with a music video that showcased Girl’s Day’s visuals, if nothing else. It’s good have them back and to see them take a mature step forward as a group.



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