Jang Moonbok’s group covers EXO’s “Call Me Baby”, destroys rumors of flopping

Through a fan account of a ‘Produce 101‘ recording for episode three, it was rumored that when the groups did covers of other songs, Jang Moonbok‘s group was a gigantic flop when it came to EXO‘s “Call Me Baby“. Furthermore, it claimed all Jang Moonbok did was say the “E-X-O LISTEN” part, and this fan account was just spread everywhere prior to the show starting.

Both Call me baby teams was a mess. No one did well in this performance, both teams failed. Moonbok’s only line was “E X O Listen”.

You will be shocked to find out, then, that said fan account was full of shit.

JMB did a whole lot more than that and also pulled off a dance move similar to BoA‘s in “Girls On Top“. Plus, his group won, so eat shit you fabricating-ass haters.

Unfortunately, he also dropped from #5 to #8 because people can’t recognize true glorious talent, flawless visuals, and a treasure trove of charms.

Then again, I understand, because unlike pervert, disgusting fanboys who only vote with their dicks, fangirls are intelligent and care about talent and

“He didn’t even have a single part in the episode, but just with his wink, he maintained 1st place 2 weeks in a row, his wink was worth 100K”

F*ck he’s freaking sexy… I’m not even exaggerating when I say this part made me flip my tableㅋㅋㅋ

He has so much force it’s so sexy, he’s freaking resolute…

“So that we can see Park Jihoon’s abs f*******ck, he’s already so heart fluttering”

He seriously become above everyone in P101 just because he winked at the end .. so handsome.. let’s debut..

…never mind.

King stays the king regardless of ranking.

I will break all the apartments for oppar.


Thot Leader™