Indie Focus: 57’s ‘Making Fire’ showcases the progress the duo have made

It’s been a long time since 57’s self-titled EP, and ‘Making Fire‘ essentially feels like a preview of what their next release with be. The starting track, “Cave Man,” is more introduction that anything else, and everything kicks off when “Making Fire” starts. The song only serves to show that the years between the debut to now have helped craft and polish everything about the duo.

I think one of the biggest changes is that the music feels like it has more weight. Instead of being aggressive and shouting, like on 57, “Making Fire” is using the talents better. The drums are able to explore more rhythms and sit on equal footing with the guitar. The guitar also feels like it’s speaking as the second vocalist as opposed to simply playing the melody, and the vocals themselves are stronger without simply being loud and screaming.

If this is what the next release is going to be like, there’s a lot of look forward to. 57 are one of my favorite bands. The live shows they put on are amazing and this recording proves that they’re able to harness that energy and put it into recording.


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