B.I.G’s “Hello Hello” equal parts frustrating and enjoyable

Like many groups trying to break into the big leagues, B.I.G have changed styles almost every time they make a comeback. With February’s excellent 1.2.3, it felt like they finally found one that stuck. But not content to rest on their laurels, the guys have shifted genres once again. “Hello Hello” sees rapper Minpyo back with the group after health problems forced him to sit out from their last release. Perhaps his inclusion inspired them to go back to a more hip-hop sound?

Whatever the case, it’s funny that this track is called “Hello Hello”. This nods back to their cringe-worthy 2014 debut — the singularly titled Hello. While they definitely shouldn’t be reminding listeners of that ill-advised career step, I suppose the extra “hello” this time around does at least inspire us to appreciate just how much their music has improved.

The track opens with a noisy, off-kilter synth beat that sets the tone for the track’s busy, lurching instrumental. In contrast, the melody is pure r&b pop. It’s highlighted by a dynamite chorus that brightens what could have been a too-serious-for-its-own-good atmosphere. This refrain calls out for production that’s equally as ingratiating. A funkier beat, driven by a warmer, live instrument arrangement would have worked wonders to compliment the track’s strong melody. As it stands, the trap-influenced stutter that underpins every moment on “Hello Hello” feels at odds with the group’s vocals. There’s some excellent harmonic work at play here, but it’s constantly at war with a never-ending series of atonal honks and spurts. This results in a song that’s often more frustrating than it is enjoyable.


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