Indie Focus: Microdot showcases his versatility on ‘+64’, leaving listeners wanting more

I’ve known Microdot more through his guest spots on other hip-hop artists’ songs, but I spent some time with his 2016 EP ‘+64‘ and I don’t know why he’s not more prolific. As an artist originally hailing from New Zealand, he’s working in the South Korean industry. ‘+64’ is a showcase of versatile styles, rhythms, and a master level control of flow manipulation that’s not seen that often.

In just eight songs, he’s able to include a huge amount of variety. Guests include Dok2, Jessi, and even Wise from Teriyaki Boyz, all who add their own flavor to the tracks that they feature on. I have to say that “Talkin Bout” with Jessi and “Live Fast” with Wise are the standout tracks. While multi-language features are becoming more common, I don’t think I heard anything in 2016 other than Keith Ape, but honestly, Microdot’s songs are more compelling. Another highlight is that ‘+64’ has a mixture of English and Korean which also highlights Microdot’s talent to mix languages over different beats but keeping a consistent style. Since ‘+64’ isn’t a one-style EP, you can really hear the work that Microdot put into each verse.

I’m not sure how to really classify Microdot’s way of rhyming other than he doesn’t feel the need to suffocate each beat, but can machine gun the beat if he wants to. He lets the instrumentals live and get heard, but also makes sure his presence is known. I go in and out of hip-hop when I hear something that catches my ear, but Microdot’s ‘+64’ is a regular rotation. He definitely needs for attention and to release another EP or full length because I think he’s got the ability to become much bigger than just a guest artist.


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