BTS’s remake of Seo Taiji & Boys’ “Come Back Home” surpasses the original

BTS recently collaborated with the legendary Seo Taiji to remake the Seo Taiji And Boys song “Come Back Home, and the effort they put into this definitely shows as the remake surpasses the original.

“Oh my god, how can you say that? Seo Taiji & Boys are legends and…”

Bleh, no need to cape for them. I’m an “old” K-pop fan, but the whole group is creepy as fuck. From YG grooming his wife to Lee Juno sexually assaulting women to Seo Taiji cutting (a teenaged) Lee Ji Ah off from the world and doing the same to Lee Eun Sung (her work before & after meeting him), getting defensive for them is pointless anyway.

Besides that, I understand the pioneering aspect of the song and the topical content that definitely pushed boundaries at the time, and nothing will change that. However, I will say that musically, this is a better song to me and I vastly prefer listening to this. My explanation of that opinion could honestly start and end with the fact that the original was a H O M A G E/C O S P L A Y of Cypress Hill‘s “Insane In The Brain“, which B.Real was aware of but didn’t give a fuck about because, “We were cool about shit like that.

So while it would be hard to go wrong with such quality source material, BTS were still tasked with modernizing a classic by a legendary group and having to actually differentiate it from Cypress Hill, which Seo Taiji & Boys basically didn’t have to bother with. Well, the dark and gritty feel is maintained and expounded on, while the rapping is a vast improvement and the vocal additions to the chorus helped put it over the top. I probably could’ve done without the transition from the chorus back into the verses, but it’s a minor thing in the grand scheme of it.

BTS’s version kept the general feeling and some sonic aspects of the original, and they also updated it and made the sound much more fresh and current for the generation they’re trying to appeal to. That included the lyrical aspects of it, which are arguably the harder parts to express. It’s definitely a fine line to walk, but BTS executed it perfectly here.


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