A Pink’s frenetic & peppy “Go! Go! More!” matches the group extremely well

A Pink have been pretty prolific lately, routinely bouncing between Korean and Japanese comebacks. While I’m afraid this heavy work ethic has taken a toll on the general quality of their music, it’s nice to see a veteran group that still seems hungry for success. Their latest Korean song has grown on me, though there’s no denying that it conforms to the unimaginative style they’ve been peddling for the last few years. “Go! Go! More!” is a change of pace, bringing a sense of frenetic pop energy to their girly sound.

This is in keeping with the Japanese market, which seems to prefer its J-pop girls to supply a high-spirited — almost frantic — sense of cheer. A Pink’s bright, nonthreatening image was practically built with this in mind, so it all goes down pretty easy. I love the bombastic stabs of guitar and synth that open the song. “Go! Go! More!” instantly recalls the stereotypical “opening to an anime” sound, but this format injects some needed life into the group. The high-tempo, insistently peppy verses won’t be for everyone, requiring a certain frame of mind to fully enjoy.

Once you’ve surrendered to the cheesiness, the climactic chorus offers plenty to enjoy. The punchy melody takes no prisoners, offering a fist-pumping refrain that’s bound to energize. The song’s propulsive production feels reminiscent of G-Friend, who incidentally have been accused of sounding more J-pop than K-pop. But it’s a nice match for A Pink, and a reminder that the girls have more versatility in them than their material often lets on.

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