Lee Chul Woo can’t stop jerking it to the memory of Hyosung

Lee Chul Woo appeared as a guest about a week ago on ‘Video Star‘, and while on the show he basically copped to not being able to stop fapping to Hyosung due to the scenes they had together in the music video for “Goodnight Kiss“.

Not judging.

As the love interest in Hyosung’s “Good-night Kiss” MV, Lee Chul Woo got to get up close and personal with the idol star, and he said it left a big impression. The actor expressed, “It was a kiss scene where I had to give her a diamond. It was the first time I filmed a kiss scene. I remember not knowing what to do.” He added, “I kept thinking about it unexpectedly.”

It came to his mind “unexpectedly”, which surely means during or leading up to his vinegar strokes.

Who could blame him? Not me.


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