DIA’s ‘Love Generation’ gets lolita accusations, is interestingly laughed off by netizens

DIA came under fire by a sorta irrelevant post on Pann, alleging that their concept for ‘Love Generationis lolita.

Leg pose, facial expression, custome its lookalike lolita.

I dont know about the other pic but especially this two photo

Given that it was an MBK Entertainment group, I expected the worst, but netizens generally laughed it off.

1. [44+, 5-] Lolita mean you made photo lookalike preschooler. Its not gonna get called as a ‘lolita’ just because taking concept with school as background. There are other customes as well, but op only putting the one with athletic sport outfit.
2. [41+, 3-] Did you even know what lolita is? It a complex attract to younger girl or someone use a children outfit, you cant say its lolita with nothing but custome. Right now I like DIA, they are fun to watch but ofc there is people like op who trying to hurt them with some BS.
3. [40+, 3-] So op call people wearing gym suit as lolita?? Honestly I didnt even notice it ㅋㅋㅋ So I read comment its because wearing gym suit with cute face so its right to called it as lolita? what a reach

Sure, it’s a typical schoolgirl skirt and physical education uniform that kids wear, but it was clearly reaching to me.

Then again, netizens would definitely not use the same rationale they’ve shown here to defend DIA (or Suzy) for others, and the witch hunt would be out in force in those cases. Basically, the standard many have lectured others with is that adults doing any sexualization of anything typically associated with underage people is lolita. Given that dog-whistle sexualization is arguably worse than overt sexualization (especially in Asia), the same people that scream about others should logically be up in arms about DIA as well … and ‘Produce 101‘ and I’d say about 80% of the industry that have used concepts that reference youth and packages it in a typical K-pop way: selling sex in one form or another (innocent/sexy or flower boy/beastly).

But they won’t because most don’t actually care and they’re making things up as they go along, which is why they selectively enforce these arbitrary rules on what’s a problem and what’s not. It’s not all that different than basically anything fandoms do, except now they get to wield accusations of being a pedo or something as a cudgel. And the thing I never get is how many more seem to care more about adults dressing up one way or another than actual underage idols.

Basically, just any kind of consistency would be nice … which I’m guessing is never gonna happen.


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