Woohee, Hayoung, Sori are hot was my takeaway upon catching up on ‘MIXNINE’ & ‘The Unit’

Ever since Dreamcatcher left ‘MIXNINE‘, I haven’t been inspired to watch either that show or ‘The Unit‘ all that much. Well, I decided to catch up recently, and quite frankly it’s not difficult to understand why the ratings of both continue to fall. Nothing interesting … like, happens.

Fortunately, things did remain interesting in some ways at least, primarily Woohee, Hayoung, and Sori being attractive.



Block B – “Jackpot”





“Dangerous Girl”

Also, here’s a bonus video of Hayoung doing Playback‘s “Playback” that I had saved because … uh, it shows her talent.

Wife. Best visual in K-pop.


Thot Leaderâ„¢