Random Roundup: Dreamcatcher & food, Kyungri is done, Jisook dances … sorta, Siyeon is a meme

Dreamcatcher play charades to win food for NewsAde … though when food wasn’t on the line they didn’t give a fuck.

Nine MusesKyungri with a roll of the eyes from hell.

Jisook … dancing. Sorta?

Siyeon is the best.


Kojima Haruna modelling lingerie is always a good idea.

Lee Hee Eun provides the science.

Super GirlsAsakawa Nana is hot.

Lee Soomin in a bikini, because ‘God Of Music‘ lives forever.


Suzy mustered up all the cleavage she could.

Kim Yoo Jung, um, surprised me.

시상식 비하인드 짤풀잉! 우리 쏘스케들을 위해서??

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TWICE‘s Jihyo, on the other hand, did not.

어느정도 만족한 모양이다 신나보인다

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Ladies’ Code‘s Ashley is pretty, right? Sometimes it seems like I’m alone in that thought or something.

Siyeon ruins her #Brand.


Thot Leader™