Indie Focus: In Your Face’s ‘A Path Away’ is aggressive, melodic, and addictive

I like hardcore and punk rock a lot, but when you mash in the electronic genre to create “trancecore,” you run the risk of the music becoming a joke and reminding you of really shit electronic pop rock. What In Your Face have done is impressive. They’ve combined the hardcore “core” of their music and successfully meshed it with the dance and trance elements. When I started listening to In Your Face, I immediately thought of Enter Shikari and I don’t mean that as a slight in any way. Metalcore isn’t a genre that I’m hugely familiar with, but In Your Face have made me curious.

A Path Away‘ is the six-member band’s second EP. Honestly, the band isn’t messing around. They’re delivering some amazing music that’s aggressive, melodic, and addictive. While the vocals come with that standard hardcore and slightly harsh delivery, it’s tempered by the electronic samples. The duo of guitars give each song a lot of structure, and the bass and drums provide a lot of the cohesion that every track needs so it doesn’t come across as a pile of noise. What’s more impressive is that each track sounds unique. Hardcore can have a tendency to sound identical, but In Your Face provide different tones for each song.

The six plus one remix EP feels much denser. Songs all carry a lot of weight and hardcore and punk fans will definitely enjoy it. I am curious about their first EP and how they have progressed forward, but with ‘A Path Away’ being the first introduction, I would have to say the band have a long path ahead and could definitely become influential. The punk rock genre, and its sub-genres, is one of the most difficult to discover in South Korea with many bands only playing shows, but as you explore it more, you thankfully do find bands like In Your Face.

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