Indie Focus: Turn For Our rock on ‘Silence In Face Of Injustice Is A Crime’, which is a mouthful

I’ve been listening to Turn For Our‘s ‘Silence In Face Of Injustice Is A Crime‘ is a crime for a while, but kept forgetting to write about it. Released in August 2017, Turn For Our’s full-length is another excellent showing of South Korea’s punk and hardcore genre. The 24-minute album starts and finishes in the same way: with high energy, group choruses, and a lot of distortion. For any person who likes punk and hardcore music, you will love ‘Silence In Face Of Injustice Is A Crime’. It’s in your face and doesn’t ever feel the need to stop.

I will say that even with the ten tracks, the album moves very fast. Most of the songs are one to three minutes and it’s easy to hear one chorus bleed into another, but that’s just par the course for hardcore music. Turn For Our have a lot of big choruses that work perfectly for live shows. What’s even better is that all the songs on ‘Silence In Face Of Injustice Is A Crime’ are sung in English, making it even easier to get sucked into each of the crunchy verses.

Check out songs like “We Are Who We Are” and and “Love Is Not A Porn” to hear what Turn For Our are about. Unlike some hardcore, Turn For Our are less focused on breakneck tempos and more about getting their message across in the songs. I think that’s why so many of the verses and the chorus include multiple people, as this gets people to recognize what the band is singing.

Turn For Our are a great band, and I think they’re adding an unique voice to the punk and hardcore genre. I also think it’s great that many of the punk and hardcore bands are releasing their music on Bandcamp to allow more people to access their music. Punk and hardcore continue to be some of the hardest music to find, and this solution is working out well.


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