Ex-NMB48 member gets married … to CEO ex-husband of ex-member’s sister she had affair with

One could forgive you for not remembering a story from over two years ago, but back then there was news that NMB48 member Kinoshita Haruna (17 at the time) was caught having an affair with a married man named Akita Shintaro (28 at the time), who was a company CEO. Amazingly it was even messier than that, as his now ex-wife was Muro Kayoko, the sister of former NMB48 (yes, the same group) member Muro Kanako.

Anyway, that’s back in the news recently because the couple actually got married.

No update on whether the ex-wife has left another comment on her Instagram or not like she did before.

“Having an affair with ex-member’s sister’s husband and causing them to divorce, you can sure cook in the house where the wife and children lived!”

I mean, I’m glad they’re apparently happy, but man it’s hard to be congratulatory over this for a variety of reasons.

As many have pointed out over the years, J-pop scandals are truly wild as hell.


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