Indie Focus: Day Of Mourning’s ‘This Too Shall Pass’ is sonic overload with specific appeal

Watch Out! Records continue to release albums from very solid bands, and the latest that I came across on Bandcamp was Day Of Mourning. Described as metal and metalcore on Bandcamp, I actually just considered them a really great hardcore band. I’m not sure what the difference between the two genres actually is, and honestly, it’s not that big of a deal because I like both. What ‘This Too Will Pass‘ gives you is an intricately crafted full length that among one of the best mastered albums for the genre. I feel that one of the weakness of the genre can be a poor master and mix of the songs. That problem pushes different instruments on top of each other and can muddle the music overall. Refreshingly, that doesn’t happen on ‘This Too Will Pass’, and all the meaty chunks along with the guitar and vocals are apparent and powerful.

The same disclaimer applies to this release as for other releases of this style. For fans of the hardcore, metal, and metalcore genre, Day Of Mourning is perfection. For anyone who doesn’t like this type of music, ‘This Two Will Pass’ will not change your mind at all. In fact, it might just push you further away. But for those genre fans, Day Of Mourning is so great. Even though the songs can get a little difficult to separate, every song is so good. The mix of ‘This Too Will Pass’ stands out in particular, as the bass drum hits so hard and constantly pushes the tempo forward, while the snare and cymbals accent each other on every track. Meanwhile, the guitars and bass fill in any empty space, and the vocals guide your journey in this audio overload.

And that’s kind of what Day Of Mourning are — an audio overload. The music is kinetic. It uses every moment previous to push forward. The tracks all kind of follow the same structure, but that doesn’t make it any less fun to listen to. It’s possible to get fatigued on the ten tracks, and the music probably isn’t the best thing to hear in the morning. But if you like the genre, you will not miss with Day Of Mourning.

Regardless of the genre, the mix and mastering of an album can have a big effect. Day Of Mourning’s ‘This Too Will Pass’ somehow restrains the band, but lets their best elements emerge when necessary. Genre fans will love this album, and everyone else will likely believe it’s too noisy, but that might be just how it should be.

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