SIXBOMB continue their controversial concept trend, go with JAV for “Hiccup Hiccup” teaser

You may recognize SIXBOMB from dressing up in pink bodysuits for the sneakily decent “Wait 10 Years Baby and then really making waves by doing a before and after plastic surgery concept with Becoming Prettier (Before) and Becoming Prettier (After).

Now? They seem to be quite obviously going with a JAV concept for “Hiccup Hiccup“.

Other than the fact that the stills mimic JAV covers, they have scenes with mosaic’d dudes that look straight out of porn setups (especially the car shots, which look like the porn where the stars fuck their biggest fans), and they even have the watermark of who ripped/pirated the shit in China on the lower left. Somebody did their research.

Of course, I personally have no knowledge of these things, but I inquired with a friend who told me it’s legit.


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