Yoohyeon twerks then dies, Siyeon kicks a mic stand, a Dreamcatcher “You And I” stage mix

Once again, as if to appeal directly to my interests, here’s Yoohyeon and her butt (with bonus Siyeon) twerking during a tour stop in Colombia.

Good lord. I just … I mean it would be one of the best ways to die.

Speaking of Siyeon, she … uh, kicked over a mic stand.

She’s 100% leaving to front a rock band at some point.

Also, and I know I’m late on this, but I stumbled on a stage mix for “You And I” recently and it’s honestly brilliant.

Oh yeah, and at least somebody in Korea is taking note of Dreamcatcher.

I’ll take it.

But when they start getting randomly insulted is when I know they’re actually getting legit.


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