Random Roundup: Kyungri confirms a tweet, Dreamcatcher’s talent, I love summer(ish)

연습 끝내고 집에 가자구 했더니.wav #경리크루

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Nine MusesKyungri and her dancers … I can’t believe that tweet turned out to be the truth.

EXID‘s Hyerin freezing her everything off.

#크라이오테라피 #올클리닉 세상오도방정? 콧구멍 이만평

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A special Dreamcatcher performance.

Stan talent.


Folks, I love summer.

Rania‘s Hyeme in a bikini.

Minhee in a bikini.

EXID‘s LE in a bikini.

Miso in a bikini.


BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is attractive.

MOMOLAND‘s Nancy is attractive.

Kim Woohyun … wow.


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