Indie Focus: UZA takes a significant step forward with the sharp ‘Focus’

UZA is an electronic musician who, while prolific, doesn’t have many extended releases. Her singles always show a hint of her broader abilities, but it’s always been a wait for something more cohesive. Well, ‘Focus‘ is certainly delivers on that front, as it’s different from her previous work and displays a more mature and confident artist.


Siren” is a bit of a standard mix of electronic and darker pop music. It relies a lot on a moving bass line and UZA’s vocals, and her voice is the glue that holds every song together. That doesn’t mean the songs are falling apart otherwise, but her vocals certainly provide strength to the songs. I like how “Siren” is a little more 80s electro pop than a direct electronic pop song, which surprises the listener as the first track.

Focus” is signature UZA. It’s an upbeat electronic pop track with a slightly slower tempo, but still highly melodies with her voice giving everything life. “Focus” borders as a single and what could be an amazing soundtrack song, depending on the mood that you want. The aged sound of it also gives it a classic quality.

Remember Everything” is kind of the direction I want UZA to explore more. The instrumental is cleaner than the previous two songs and highlights her voice well. There’s also a guest male vocal who might be her frequent collaborator, Shane, but I’m not sure.

Don’t” goes back to her previous singles in style, but it’s good to hear because UZA releases some of the best singles. The instrumental for “Don’t” is probably one of my favorite tracks of the year. It’s got an amazing edge that’s controlled by the vocals.

‘Focus’ is a big step for UZA. It shows that she created a cohesive audio theme with songs that complemented each other perfectly. As both an electronic musician and strong vocalist, she’s perfected her voice and style and that sticks out when you hear her music. Hopefully there’s a full length in the works, because it would be amazing to hear an expanded sound from her mind.

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