Russian idol trainee Eugina Svetlana signs contract with agency, set to debut in group

Eugina Svetlana, a Russian idol trainee that has appeared on TV programs in Korea, will reportedly be debuting in an idol group this year as she recently signed an exclusive contract with an agency.

Eugina Svetlana, 21, posted the news to her Instagram Tuesday. She has been an idol trainee for two years and recently clinched an exclusive contract with an agency, according to the post. Svetlana is from Sakhalin, in the Russian Far East. She is studying political science and diplomacy at Sungkyunkwan University in Seoul. “I decided to come to Korea after traveling the country with my mother,” Svetlana told The Daily Sports Seoul on Monday. “Korea was so much different from Russia ― it was a culture shock.” She was particularly fond of Koreans respecting others and being enthusiastic. Those she met also were kind to foreigners.

She finally came to Korea after persuading her family. In Korea, she got a part-time job as a model, and later some agencies suggested she become a trainee. The singer-to-be also appeared in JTBC talk show “Abnormal Summit” and MBC Every1 reality show “Welcome, First Time in Korea?” in 2017.

The news itself is kind of out of nowhere, and honestly we’ve seen this card played before by nugu groups for attention that eventually amounted to nothing, so a healthy dose of skepticism is definitely warranted.

That said, I was surprised by her visual as she definitely has a mixed look to her that could work well for her career in Korea. We shall see.


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