[Review] “Hello Tutorial” unfortunately doesn’t give its stars Zion.T & Seulgi much to do

Zion.T’s release schedule has slowed drastically since signing with YG Entertainment subsidiary The Black Label, but Korea seems poised to enthusiastically embrace his material all the same. As if his name wasn’t enough to draw headlines, new single “Hello Tutorial” pairs him with Red Velvet’s Seulgi — a performer who has already been part of quite a few high-profile collaborations this year. When it comes to the charts, they’re an unstoppable duo. I only wish that the song gave them more to do.

“Hello Tutorial” is quintessential Zion.T — chill, unassuming and sort of meandering. It’s the kind of song I’d play in the background when in mixed company (“mixed” in this case meaning listeners who otherwise wouldn’t go anywhere near K-pop). It’s an inoffensive, pleasantly jazzy little number that lingers on its performers’ idiosyncratic vocals.

This will be enough for many listeners, especially those who just can’t get enough of Zion.T’s voice. However, it feels like you can go almost anywhere within his discography and find a track like this. Beyond the inspired choice to add Seulgi as a duet partner, “Hello Tutorial” doesn’t really break new ground. More interplay between the vocals might have given the song more individuality. We get a hint of harmony during the last few seconds, but “Hello Tutorial” fades out soon after. It’s as if the song itself is a teaser for something better to come. This unfinished feeling makes “Hello Tutorial” one of Zion.T’s most lightweight singles to date. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s hard not to long for the momentous release this could have been.

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