Seungri fans demand answers after he told them to vote for his boobtastic model friend

Fans of Big Bang‘s Seungri want clarification from him after he posted on Instagram asking people to support his friend Lee Choco in a hottie contest for Maxim Korea.

On November 5, Seungri posted a screenshot of the voting page for male fashion magazine Maxim’s Miss Maxim Contest. He also included a caption that read, “Please vote on #Maxim. If #LeeAhYoon takes first place, I will do an Instagram live broadcast for one hour! #bestfriend #LeeChoco.” Lee Choco is Lee Ah Yoon’s nickname.

Seems harmless.

Or at least it should’ve been, but some weren’t happy and they even ended up getting a response out of his friend.

Some fans were critical towards the post and commented, “There are underage fans too. How can you ask fans to go vote on a website where there are [sexually explicit photos]?,” “It’s rude to use an Instagram live broadcast as if it’s a generous reward for fans,” and “Why do you ask fans to do these kind of things?” Others even started to question whether Seungri’s account was hacked or not. However, when some fans messaged Lee Ah Yoon for an explanation, she said, “The account isn’t hacked. I’m currently in last place while there’s only a few days left until the voting ends. So Seungri posted that to help me. If fans were hurt, I’m sorry.”

Now you might say that this is not normally the type of story I would bother covering since it was just some fans mad that pervert oppar was being pervert oppar. However, due to my sense of journalistic duty, I felt obligated to investigate the Instagram account of Seungri’s friend and share some of what I found. Thanks to me, you can now make a fair judgment as to whether Seungri was doing the right thing or not.

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