iKON under fire after clip emerges of BI ‘pranking’ mom by coming out to her

iKON has recently come under fire after an iKON fan posted a video clip and subtitles from the ‘iKON GROUND’ portion of their Japanese ‘SUMMERTIME’ DVD on Twitter. As a part of a game attempting to get her to say ‘heol‘, the clip shows BI calling his mother and playing a “prank”, coming out to her as gay as the rest of the members go into hysterics due to the apparent amusement of the prospect.

The fan’s translation of this clip brought down even further criticism, as they assigned Bobby credit for worrying about the mental stability of BI’s mother. However, the best/friendliest explanation of the events puts that comment onto whatever YG Entertainment staffer captioned this mess, and explains the whole thing quite well.

I followed the drama for a bit so I get the complaints that it was stans of other groups blowing this up. However, it was an iKON stan (a BI stan, no less) that decided to put the clip up for everybody to see and then translated it, and furthermore, does it even matter what the source was? As somebody who has gone through the process of coming out to family/friends and thus knows how hellish that process can be, and factoring in the reality that the situation in Korea/Japan for people who aren’t straight is worse than in America, it’s disappointing (and potentially damaging to fans watching) to see people play it off as this hilarious thing.

But as in most cases, I’m not going to act like it’s the end of the world and cancel everybody or pretend they’re the only idols who would ever do some shit like this, it’s just that this ‘joke’ hits home a bit and deserves the criticism it’s getting from others, and I don’t think it needs to be or should be defended.

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