Random Roundup: Sally’s struggle, Psy rules, JiU & Siyeon, Shiroma Miru, RUI

Amaki Sally knows that the struggle is real.

GFriend‘s Sowon showcases her amazing driving talent.


Psy is a legend.


JiU is attractive.

Siyeon is cool.


Ahn Ji Hyun is definitely helping to promote EXID‘s “I Love You“.

Kim Woohyun is becoming a regular for reasons that are obvious.

NMB48‘s Shiroma Miru is a gravure star.

Former AKB48 member Hirajima Natsumi is as well.

Men’s Health is extremely important to HUB‘s Rui.


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#썰스데이 보고이찌요? 지켜보는중?

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Hayoung is pretty and cute, which makes it all the worse that Coridel Entertainment won’t give Playback a comeback.


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