Luna’s “Do You Love Me” features George and works surprisingly well

Following the release of “Even So” and the scientific dance practice video for it, f(x)‘s Luna has now released a music video and dance practice video for “Do You Love Me” as well. The song features George of “Boat” fame (well, fame on Asian Junkie at least).

While “Do You Love Me” is definitely not something that’s in my wheelhouse musically, it’s hard not to acknowledge it as a success in terms of achieving what it aims to be, which is something to make fuck to.

I never thought Luna and George would collab, much less that it would work well, but … it does. “Do You Love Me” ends up seductive as hell and is as appealing as a song this downbeat can be to me.

Doesn’t hurt that Luna is seemingly achieving new levels of attractiveness with every day that passes.


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