[Review] Chorus elevates Favorite’s “Loca” above generic, but not much further

Apart from having a notoriously difficult-to-google group name, Favorite haven’t done much to stand out in the crowded world of K-pop rookies. Their material thus far has been quite solid, but also quite transient. It feels fun and inoffensive, but easily replaceable by songs from bigger acts. With this in mind, it’s time for the girls to swing for the rafters. New single “Loca” draws on too many well-worn production trends to go that far. However, it also offers the group’s most addictive chorus yet.

In the age of instrumental drops, there’s no discounting the importance (and rarity) of a good old fashioned chorus. “Loca” would be nothing without it. The song’s verses climb over an all-too-familiar blend of tropical and Latin influences, spawning a sultry tone that blends well with the girl’s vocals. All the while, there isn’t much in the way of inventive melody to sink your teeth into. It’s well-arranged and cohesive, but a bit too generic to elicit sparks.

But, this is where that aforementioned chorus comes in. “Loca” is anchored by its surging hook, which takes the now familiar tropical EDM drop and merges it with a fleshed out, vocal-driven melody. The wheel has not been reinvented here, and every note slots into exactly the spot you’d expect it to, but there’s no small amount of comfort in the song’s classic pop structure. It’s catchy in a specific, old-school way that is becoming more difficult to find. Of course, this workmanlike approach also hinders “Loca”‘s chances of standing out. In this way the song is a bit of a double-edged sword. But, at least it’s an enjoyable one.

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