SONAMOO’s NewSun also did cosplay as Safari Caitlyn, but most importantly a SONAMOO member in the wild

Lost in the news about the cosplay of Berry Good’s Johyun as Ahri at OGN‘s ‘Game Dolympic‘, was cosplay of Safari Caitlyn also from League Of Legends by SONAMOO‘s NewSun.

Although not as headline grabbing, it was also something that was planned by the event and that she promoted herself.

Of course, this is noteworthy not just because a SONAMOO member did cosplay and also looked great doing it, but that SONAMOO members (Euijin was there as well) did something and are in fact not locked away in a TS Entertainment dungeon forever but are allowed to come out sometimes.

But seriously though, when is TSE gonna use them for anything?


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