[Review] AOA’s “Come See Me” is a pop anthem that cements their renaissance

Despite the digital success of “Bingle Bangle“, AOA had definitely seen an overall popularity decline in recent years and appeared to be a group that had a murky future following the earlier departure of Choa and then Mina.

But then they appeared on Queendom, which seemed to provide the shot in the arm the group needed, as the show effectively served as a rebranding opportunity without needing to debut the change in a comeback. And their latest effort in “Come See Me” simply builds on the kind of versatility and maturity depicted on the show, thankfully with the sound to go with it.

AOA have done sexy before and there’s still that aspect to this, but they’re now more chic and cool, much in the vein of their Queendom appearance. Usually when groups go more serious and more mature, the BPM falls and so does my interest. But like with A Pink’s “Eung Eung”, “Come See Me” is a surprisingly rapid affair, powered by its pulsing EDM foundation.

Unlike a lot of K-pop songs, the verses are a highlight, as they coast briskly along and execution by the girls is surprisingly quality. Standing out in particular is Jimin, who doesn’t really go into her trademark rap but instead does a bit of sing-rap and acquits herself nicely.

The bare bones pre-chorus is also effective in building tension, and I was bracing for a disappointing instrumental drop, as my expectations have been influenced by recent trends. But instead the came right back with energy and a fleshed-out chorus that concludes with drawn-out repetition of “whoa twilight” that serves as the hook that the chorus was desperately missing until that point. A different producer (like Teddy) would’ve probably tried to drop the BPM to a standstill and hit hard, but AOA showcases the advantage of going in the other direction on “Come See Me”.

AOA certainly seem to be rejuvenated by recent events and that’s cemented in them delivering a standout pop anthem like “Come See Me”, so hopefully the public follows suit. Where there were once a lot of question marks as to AOA’s eventual future, it sure seems possible now that they end up being one of the girl groups that jukes the typical expiry date as well as expectations and continues pushing forward instead. Here’s hoping that ends up being the case if they’re going to go down this road musically.


TheBiasList thought it was fresh but less in that this was exceptional and more in that 2019 has sucked.


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