Ask Asian Junkie: Ads and ending 2019 on a downer

I enjoyed reading many of the comments on my post about the site’s direction for the new year, though one in particular irked me, so why not bring out the old Ask Asian Junkie feature (hey, another thing I’d like to get back to!) for it?

Not technically much of a question, but fuck it.

Yeah, I know people dislike the ads and people give me shit about them all the time. That’s fine. I understand that and take the flak. However, while that person may like the site, I don’t appreciate them inferring multiple times during this comment that I’m somehow misleading readers. At fucking all. Don’t make it like I’m lying to people. Never did I pretend I didn’t make money off the site, the whole point of the post was to explain that the site is not my job and to talk about how I’d like to proceed with it going forward to ensure that it doesn’t feel like that.

Look, I don’t force anybody to read the site and you’re not a paying customer, so the option of simply leaving is always there for a reader to take. I primarily put effort into Asian Junkie because I enjoy it, that’s a fact. Again, nowhere did I say I don’t make money off it, I simply said that nobody is paying me to do this shit like it’s a job with bosses and deadlines and office hours, which is absolutely true and is also the reason I can talk freely about changing things on my own terms. As far as me making money off the site, quite frankly, why the fuck shouldn’t I? There’s absolutely zero chance the hours I put into this in my free time is worth it from a pay standpoint as I’d make more per hour if I just got a second job at the local Jamba Juice or some shit instead. If I didn’t do this primarily because I enjoy the topic I’m covering, I’d be a huge idiot considering I’d get far more by just taking another job.

Furthermore, on the topic of revenue, I’ve given away like what? 50-60 albums this year out of my own pocket? How much does that even leave me with at the end of the year on a per hour basis? Good lord. I actually don’t know because I don’t calculate that shit because this site doesn’t meaningfully impact my finances, but it can’t be much.


Anyway, on the ads front, I hear everybody and I’ve actually been planning on changing things for a while now when I had the time. Until I get to it in earnest, I recently disabled the most invasive of them as a quick fix and that should propagate immediately (or within 48 hours). Further changes to monetization will be considered going forward, again, once I have time.

That said, in general, I just want to say that this discussion over invasive ads is kinda funny cause many sites wouldn’t use ads like that if readers didn’t already block the standard ones en masse to begin with. People generally don’t want to pay for content behind a paywall, nor do they want to even deal with non-invasive ad blocks loading, primarily because they feel entitled to the work. Yet they’ll turn around and complain about so many sites being clickbait farms and wonder why there’s only mediocre journalism left. Where did all the quality go? Why do people end up relying on some hobby blog for news? Probably because most quality journalists who would do the quality work went to go do something else with their talents that they can actually pay a mortgage with, as opposed to dealing with an environment where dumbfucks are out here cheering on stuff like private equity firms destroying actual journalistic endeavors cause the sites once posted opinions they didn’t like or made an error or whatever. We generally get what we deserve as media consumers.

And as much as people say they like this or that about Asian Junkie, when I did have less invasive ads, hardly anybody whitelisted the site and even fewer donated to the site out of wanting to block ads for convenience but still contribute. Like I said, people talk a lot but at the end of the day many simply don’t want to pay for shit in either money or inconvenience, which is fine, but what did anybody expect the end result of that to be? It’s like Stan Twitter being quick to retweet shit supporting underrated girl groups but never actually meaningfully supporting them, then crying when they disband. Well … yeah.

But look, I’m not at all saying anybody has to do anything for me or that anybody has to feel bad for me or anything like that. I understand the reader’s perspective since I’m a consumer as well, and striking the right balance in this matter can definitely be complicated. However, I do think it’s worthwhile for the reader to consider things from the perspective of the site as well, especially when it comes to what is just a hobby blog.

Sorry for the rant, but I had to get that off my chest before 2020.

Happy New Year to you, too.


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