Jei (ex-FIESTAR) appears to respond to former group member Cheska’s allegations

Former FIESTAR member Cheska made waves recently for doing two livestreams on Twitch to talk about her nightmare experience in the industry.

Of course, her overall recounting of her time in K-pop was the most important thing, but naturally the thing that made waves among fans were accusations directed at fellow group members Cao Lu and most prominently Jei and Yezi, saying the latter two bullied her. At the time, I didn’t think it would gain enough traction to actually be addressed, but Jei got enough hate comments on her Instagram that she seemed to make a reply on Instagram Stories.

Of course, I doubt she or Yezi actually want to make a statement because nobody knows about any of this in Korea and I doubt they want the media to pick it up. Understandable given how we know (*cough*) how netizens and media tend to treat bullying allegations, so it’ll be interesting to see if any further details emerge.


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