Choa (ex-AOA) returns to Instagram, opens YouTube channel, posts cover of “Girls Like You”

Yesterday, former AOA member Choa returned to Instagram, leaving a message for fans. But unlike other posts since her departure from the industry in 2017, this one not only updated how she was doing but also mentioned that she would post a YouTube video.

Hello. This is Choa.
Have you been well?
I feel a bit awkward since I’m posting on Instagram for the first time in years.
Thanks to the people who’ve been worrying about me during that time,
I’ve been taking good care of my health,
and I’ve been feeling really grateful
for the people who continue to support me.
Recently, I filmed a YouTube video
in order to gradually show good sides of myself.
I’m uploading my first video tomorrow,
and I hope you’ll look upon it well, even though it’s not perfect.
Please keep your strength up during this difficult time and take care of your health.
Thank you!

Today, she shared a cover of Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” on her YouTube channel.

Choa has been in the process of making a comeback recently, singing on an OST for a drama and signing with a new company. Hopefully this is just the beginning.


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