[Review] BDC find a formula that works with dramatic, relentless “Moon Rider”

Brand New Music’s BDC kicked off their “Intersection” series last September with the synth-fueled Shoot The Moon. That song ended up being a big grower, and I loved its sci-fi concept and immense electronic anchor. Thankfully, new single Moon Rider continues this aesthetic and kicks up the tempo. This results in a song that’s just my style.

Moon Rider’s instrumental packs in a ton of drama. It has a cinematic appeal, buoyed by stabs of strings as its chorus swirls into a frenzy. But even before that, the song chugs along. Its gritty bass guitar makes for an exciting pulse, giving the track plenty of drive. And though most of the instrumental filters out for the pre-chorus, the chorus itself has a satisfying density of sound that feels impactful.

I also want to zoom in on the second verse. I often write about this segment in K-pop songs — specifically, the dreaded half-time breakdown that’s become a momentum-killing staple over the past few years. Moon Rider still makes room for rap, but the percussion remains relentless. THIS is how you segue into a second verse with panache. It’s so, so important, and I’m delighted that this track didn’t fall into the same trap as so many others.

If there’s anything holding Moon Rider back from becoming truly transcendent, it’s the performance at its core. BDC do a fine job, but their voices are so light and airy. I think the song could have done with a grittier vocal – something as powerful as its production. But, the song’s chorus is great, the instrumental is great, and I’m more than happy with the final product.

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