[Review] Fromis 9 brings incredible energy on refreshing “We Go”

After a lengthy hiatus, Fromis 9 seemed to find their sweet spot with last September’s buoyant “Feel Good“. They’ve stuck with the same composers for “We Go“, and that was a smart decision. Their music is at its best when it opts for a classic pop sound, foregoing girl crush or aegyo trends for a style that’s breezier and more uplifting.

“We Go” fits both of those aims, bounding forward on optimism and a generous dose of hooky refrains. Its first few seconds seem to borrow from K-pop’s recent obsession with city pop, but the track quickly morphs into a more robust summer sound. Its percolating groove is often filtered to give a hazy appeal. But, its rhythm is straightforward and addicting, rarely paused for breath. And when joined by satisfying slabs of synth for the chorus, the instrumental has a refreshing fullness.

The same could be said about the melody of “We Go”. The first half of its chorus is a real knockout, layering the girls’ vocals to create an enticing texture. I’m also fond of the titular hook that follows. It reminds me of another summer anthem: Katy Perry’s “California Gurls“. I think “We Go” could have stopped here, as the chant-like refrain that caps off the first and final choruses feels far more reductive. But, even this tropey burst maintains the track’s positive vibe. Never once does “We Go” lose momentum, and that consistency is key to its success.

“We Go” may not bring anything new to the table, but it compensates for this familiarity with incredible energy. By the time Fromis 9 hit liftoff for a climactic swell into the finale, it’s hard not to be utterly charmed.

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