Choa (ex-AOA) completes her body profile challenge, which has to be marked as a success

If you haven’t been following along on her YouTube channel, for the past few months former AOA member Choa has been doing all sorts of workout content and what not in order to prepare for her body profile pictures, which are basically a trend of Korean men and women getting into the best shape of their life and documenting it with photoshoots for posterity.

Choa, I would argue, already has a fuckton of those given she’s a celebrity and has always looked good. Nevertheless, she went through with it, and based on the video on YouTube and the pictures on Instagram I’d have to say it was a success.

Honestly though, the process reminded me of a somewhat healthier bodybuilding/fitness show prep (which is insanely bad for you), with the dieting, constant workouts up until the moment before the shoot, and limiting water retention. As somebody who once did something similar for the summer, I get the desire to test yourself to look your best, and it’s hard not to admire her hard work because it had to be a grind (plus it’s content for the channel anyway). That said, I do hope she goes back to relative normal and just adopts a healthier day-to-day diet and fitness routine if she wasn’t satisfied before, as there’s potential mental and physical health issues that could arise from any letdown that follows something like this.


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