Quick Reviews: (G)I-DLE’s “Allergy” is almost like a modernized 2NE1’s “Ugly”

Allergy” is the pre-release song for (G)I-DLE‘s upcoming return, and generally it checks off all the boxes in terms of being a pop-rock romp that throws us back to the early-00s, keeping a straightforward momentum and going for anthemic melodies in the chorus. For those reasons alone, I think it’s a quality, energy-lifting song and a great table-setter for what’s to come.

Of course, it’s almost impossible to listen to this and not compare it to 2NE1‘s “Ugly, both in terms of sound (“Ugly” was synthier) and lyrical content (the same, “Allergy” is just modernized). The key to both is the chorus, which is unfortunately where “Allergy” has an unfavorable comp, because “Ugly” really goes for it and has a better hook. For whatever reason, “Allergy” doesn’t quite go for it like that but it’s probably an unfair standard to hold them to anyway.

Honestly though, I was rather surprised by how fleshed-out the concept was for a pre-release, as the combination of their concept and music video are likely as good as any comeback, seemingly set at a 00s teen movie and providing visually striking cues at every corner to help reinforce their messaging and helping to ultimately enhance the “Allergy” experience.


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