aespa respond to questions about Bang Si Hyuk wanting them ‘crushed’ and ‘competition’ with NewJeans at ‘Armageddon’ presser

One of the more meme’d exchanges from all the texts revealed in the HYBE/ADOR conflict was that of Bang Si Hyuk asking Min Hee Jin if she can “crush” aespa. A couple weeks ago, it seemed like Winter’s father was taking a jab back while defending his daughter, but now the girls themselves were asked about it at their showcase for their Armageddon comeback.

Karina responded to a question about whether they felt extra pressure due to the message becoming a hot topic.

“We know all about the matter. Since it’s out first full-length album, we gave our all in practicing. We gained strength from the support and love [we received] and worked hard to prepare for it. I think it’ll be a satisfactory start with this first full-length album, so I am thankful for the public, as well as for our SM family and the members who have worked hard.”

Meanwhile, Winter laughed after hearing the question and just choose to take it as a positive omen.

“Rather than thinking about it too deeply, I’ll think about it as — I guess everything will go well with our album.”

They also talked about NewJeans themselves, as reporters asked about a rivalry or competition with them, and Karina explained that they have a good relationship and fans shouldn’t worry.

“We exchanged hearts in the waiting rooms with them. We told them that we enjoyed watching them [perform]. There’s nothing to be worried about. We are getting along well as good colleagues. We do know about the issue, but we are focused on our own promotions, and we think that a portion of the love from the public is also because we have worked hard. We are so grateful for the love shown to ‘Supernova.’”

Meanwhile, Ningning said they’re competing with themselves rather than other groups.

“Music is rather objective. I think that we are always growing and competing with ourselves rather than others. Each artist has their own unique colors and charms, so you cannot compare or replace anyone.”

I saw some fans being upset that these questions were asked, but if you’re an entertainment journalist and you’re not asking at least this, what are you even there for other than to be glorified PR? Thank god somebody asked about the mess, and aespa only enhanced themselves by giving smart answers and laughing it off, especially as opposed to the chaos going on elsewhere.


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