Lovelyz reunite on ‘Hangout With Yoo’ to perform “Hi”, “Destiny”, and “Ah-Choo”

Because I just got around to watching it, it’s now news that Lovelyz has reunited for the first time as a complete group since their disbandment in 2021 (I think?), and thankfully it wasn’t just for a picture or whatever but ratherfor a performance on Hangout With Yoo.

Going with throwback vibes all around, they came out in school uniforms and performed “Hi“, “Destiny“, and “Ah-Choo“.

“Destiny” in particular is gonna be pretty timeless across the board, I think.

Also, I am very much not looking forward to third gen being involved in nostalgia bait like second gen has been for a bit now. It’s like a constant reminder of time passing and our mortality.


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