[Update] HyunA & 4Minute drop the 4Minute part, Cube reps confirm


Fair or not, HyunA has always stood out from the rest of 4Minute, and according to a recent report, they’re now going to be making that official. The group are going to be disbanding after their contracts expire soon, except for HyunA, who will surely continue her solo career.

“The course that each member is thinking of for their singing and acting careers are different and so after many months of debate, they decided it was hard to keep the group going as it is. HyunA has re-signed, a few are in discussions for renewal, and a few will leave the agency.”

For those that want to hope, Cube Entertainment says they’re still in discussions.

Cube Entertainment confirms that it has only renewed the contract with HyunA so far and other members are still in discussions for renewal. However, it states it is not confirmed that 4Minute is disbanding.

That is what they always say before they announce that they haven’t renewed, of course.

This has been a brutal run of disbandments/members leaving/indefinite hiatuses for fans who came up with this generation of K-pop groups, and as time goes on, it only figures to get worse.


Cube representatives are now confirming to news outlets that the members decided to disband.

“As the contract end date approaches, the members have been in discussions for renewal, but while the agency tried to persuade them to continue the group, it ended up accepting the decision by the five members that they will not continue as a group.” The rep adds, “Due to the different opinion of the members, for all intents and purposes, the group will disband.”


This is all your fault, Skrillex.


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