I never thought Asian Junkie would need one of these guides for commenting on the site, but as the site has continued to grow it has become increasingly apparent that certain rules would need to be committed to text just so I don’t have to explain them to people over and over.

Since I went through the effort, you all better follow the guide. Or else … something.


1) I can basically do anything for any reason.

None of the shit that follows matters for me. Please don’t cite rules listed here and tell me what I can or can’t do. I can do anything I want here, because it’s a dictatorship, not a democracy.

Seriously though, the last thing I want to come out of this is people arguing over fucking technicalities in regards to the rules. No, that’s not what this guide is for, dammit.

2) Don’t be a fucking idiot.

Seriously, don’t be an idiot. Expect better of yourself.

No, don’t use slurs, you fucking idiot. No, don’t spam bullshit, you fucking idiot. No, don’t be an idiot, you fucking idiot.

Do things that make common sense and avoid doing things that make you a fucking asshole.

3) If you get banned and disagree, e-mail me.

Yes, you can ask to get unbanned. I’m obviously not flawless, and sometimes I make mistakes. E-mail me and explain why you think I was wrong. I respond well to reason and logic, so keep it simple and we can probably hash shit out.

If you don’t end up getting your way, you can always run off and whine elsewhere about how I won’t let you harass other commenters, spam slurs, and generally be a toxic piece of shit at Asian Junkie. Seriously, you can always find others who were banned from here for similar reasons scattered around the Internet, and you can bond with them by forming your own bitter, dipshit, mouthbreather convention or something. It’s wonderful for me to witness as well, because it just affirms why you needed to go.

4) Pictures are allowed within reason.

Everybody loves picture spam, memes, and reaction gifs, but I don’t want to see them to the point of annoyance.

Do not use random reaction gifs we’ve seen 100 times over when you can use words or something original. Do not use memes at the end of an otherwise reasonable comment that thus ruins said comment. Do not start spamming pictures for no goddamn reason.

Do not be a fucking idiot.

5) Off topic comments are allowed, but with conditions.

You can make off topic comments, but only under certain conditions.

Off topic comments need to be labeled as off topic so that everybody who doesn’t want to read that shit can instantly avoid it. If you see off topic comments, do not upvote them. Rather, downvote them no matter what so they stay at the bottom of the comments when they are sorted. Additionally, just be smart about when you go off topic and where. Don’t post a comedy video when the topic is a mass killing or something like that, you know? This relates again to not being a fucking idiot. Please also refrain from disguising an off topic comment by making part of your comment relevant and part of it off topic. And please please please do not reply to top comments with off topic bullshit so you can derail and get attention.


At the end of the day, I want everybody to have fun here, but I think these guidelines ensure a better community. Yes, you may have to change your habits a bit, but that’s life. It’s an Asian entertainment site, and if you can’t abide by simple rules here, just give up, motherfucker.

To summarize, the basic guideline is don’t be a piece of shit, don’t be a fucking idiot, and don’t be an annoying asshole. You can apply that to life as well.