MAMAMOO’s CEO Kim Jin Woo shares Ilbe link, claims he was hacked

Kim Jin Woo, who is the co-CEO and co-founder of RBW Entertainment (home to MAMAMOO), is currently being ripped online for sharing a link to Ilbe on his personal Facebook page.

Lest one gets the urge to complain this isn’t actually linked to MAMAMOO, it was their fans who were the first to call him out. As a result of the mess, Kim Jin Woo issued a statement, explaining that he was hacked.

“Hello everyone, this is CEO Kim Jin Woo. Yesterday, October 7, 2017, my personal Facebook account was hacked and the person responsible shared a link in which I’m not subscribed to. As soon as I found out about the situation, I requested my Instagram and Facebook accounts to be deleted and has been done so. I would like to say once again that I have never subscribed to the site and have never left any comments either. What the fans are worried about is not true and I am writing this to prevent any controversy from growing further. I, too, am also very shocked and taken back by the situation. I apologize to all fans whom I may have caused inconvenience to. I hope everyone spends the rest of Chuseok holiday well.”

Anything is possible, but a hacker gaining access to a personal account of a CEO and using that access to just post a link to Ilbe seems … odd, put it that way.

Honestly, I don’t expect it to explode on the company or the group like it did for others, at least given how it’s currently trending. However, this is another one of those things that you’d rather avoid piling up before the dam breaks with netizens.


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