Jina (ex-Bob Girls) debuting in WeGirls, who open Makestar to determine leader/center

Former Bob Girls member Jina announced on her Instagram late last month that she found a new company and would be debuting next year in a new group called WeGirls as Jaina.

Hi, Gina.
Good company with 8 good members
Begin the activity under the name Jaina of WeGirls.
My debut time is early next year.
Not only in Korea but also in many countries.
Thank you very much for waiting till I get back on stage.
As soon as the fan café comes out, I’ll post it as soon as possible.
Our company is most important to communicate with fans.

Glad that she’s getting back into the entertainment world after having to take time off due to encephalitis almost three years ago.

The interesting thing about WeGirls is that they’ve immediately opened up a Makestar for their debut.

But this Makestar isn’t about just raising funds, as it’ll also end up deciding the center and leader of the group, so this basically doubles as a marketing survey for the company.

Starting out with a Makestar isn’t the most promising thing … but at least it’s a thing.


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