Journalist Tracy Robey talks about being threatened with lawsuit by Korean company + an odd misreading of her take

After I published my opinion yesterday about many K-pop fans bizarrely siding against journalist Jae-Ha Kim, journalist Tracy Robey chimed in by adding her experience in being threatened with a lawsuit by a Korean company for her reporting.

So as I said, the threat of a lawsuit in situations like this is used as a cudgel to censor speech companies don’t want, not as some kind of valiant protection apparatus for oppar/unnir. Thing is, I doubt anybody would go hard to stan for the beauty companie and against Tracy’s truthful reporting on the sanitation concerns of sheet masks, right? Hm, wonder why?

Anyway, thought it was an interesting parallel from a different industry that could help K-pop fans understand my concerns.


But honestly? The main reason I’m writing this follow-up of sorts is that at least a few people seemed to interpret her tweets as throwing shade at me, with one person even taking to OneHallyu to highlight Tracy calling me out (!!!) or something.




I was kind of puzzled how the tweets could be read any other way than how I read them initially, but after some mental gymnastics I could sorta see how it might’ve been shade and was intrigued to get the truth. So instead of starting a topic on a forum and speculating wildly, I shot Tracy a DM to ask about it and … yeah.



So, uh, that weird thing is settled definitively.

Anyway, thanks to Tracy for allowing me to use our convo and clarifying herself. Also, go read Tracy’s article, it’s quite interesting.


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